You want to endorse new responsibilities while maintaining a balance between the different domains in your life?

You want to focus on what allows you to grow professionally taking benefits of your talent and respecting your values?

You need to have time to spend with your family, your passions and your personal development?

To accompany you to progress in autonomy

You are able to recognize and award their rightful place to your real priorities

You have the necessary perspective to evolve in a serene state of mind at work

You can then define your personal mission and your self confidence improves.

What we propose
Vesta Coaching accompanies your career progression in respect of your life balance. Listening, asking questions, allowing you to write and play your own score, we’ll help you find good agreement between the different instruments of your life. Harmony, adapted pace, intensity and sensitivity are our guides for each of our missions for individual customers. You can charge the presentation of our service offering.
About Vesta Coaching
Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth. It symbolizes the flame that burns in all of us, that we keep on feeding because it shows us the way and leads us in our projects