Grow professionally while respecting your personal balance

You feel a change of momentum in your professional life.

You may have the impression of being damaged by stress, the weight of routine or inactivity, or a harmful work environment.

CoachingThe starting point of a wish for professional change often finds its roots in response to an adverse context. In this case, it is first and foremost to avoid continuing to undergo a toxic work situation that may also have bad effects on your self-esteem.To be able to build a new and sustainable professional project, it is important to know what we are worth, in all humility and lucidity conferred by working on our talents, our abilities and potential. We then feel able to focus on what is really important to us in order to constitute the building blocks of our new professional project. Having restored our self-esteem allows us to identify the right priorities, to set ourselves targets that are both ambitious and realistic and take actions to achieve them.

Building a project that makes you feel good


A certified professional coach, constructive, reliable and focused, I’ll accompany you in defining your goals, finding solutions and turning them into actions to allow you putting your professional development in positive and sustainable dynamics: 

  • working on your talents, skills and values for you to discover and recognize your potential
  • stimulating personal resources that you implement in all areas of your life
  • building a coherent and harmonious professional project in relation to your personal and social life
  • accompany you throughout the construction of this new professional project implementing  concrete actions.

What we propose
 A typical coaching mission generally lasts about 2-6 months (form 5 to 15 sessions of one hour). Our rates adapt to your financial means.