Sadra R.

« It had been several months since I was turning around in my business. I wanted to change but I had no idea what I wanted or could do. The idea of leaving a very well paid job, leaving my habits and status behind really froze me. I called Loïc in this context. He helped me becoming aware of my « talents », my skills, what I knew, what motivated me and everything became clear and simple. I left the company that employed me for 16 years and I started my own business. Today I have one word: thank you! Loïc brought me what I was missing in the middle of this turning point in my life. He did not come with ready-made solutions but allowed me to find my way and gave me confidence in myself when I was in the fog. He is a very professional person, a psychologist, an accompanier. Now I know why I get up in the morning, I found the energy, the desire, the passion to work and it’s great! Coaching should be reimbursed by social security provided that it is made by a person of trust such as Loïc!  »

Patrice R.

« Loïc offers confident and dynamic accompaniment with precise and purposeful actions. His human and empathetic approach offers the opportunity to really feel respected and listened to. This enabled me to effectively work on topics that are most important to me and get concrete results.

Nelly C.
« I appreciate your commitment and your dynamism as a coach. You beg to move forward effectively and in good spirits. « 


Odessa D.

 » It was with Loïc that I had my first « coaching » experience and I appreciated his enthusiasm, his positive attitude and his open-mindedness. He is professional and passionate about what he does and makes it his mission to help you find yours. It has been a great experience so far!   »


Adrien R.
« The coaching work I have done has allowed me to focus on so far unsuspected aspects of my talents. After a few sessions, through pragmatic and effective tools, I was able to establish a concrete plan of action for me to achieve the goals I set myself. My coach has been a valuable partner to gain full awareness of my strengths and competencies.  »


Delphine G.
« Working with you has been a pleasure, you’re very involved in what you do, always listening and good humor is in your genes. You taught me a lot. Thank you for everything. Do not hesitate, Loïc is the coach you!  »